Industrial 1950s Holophane Pendant Lights with Brackets

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Beautifully manufactured industrial pendants, made by Holophane, were salvaged from a decommissioned manufacturing facility. Carefully refurbished and reassembled by hand the two-part enclosures have been highly polished and re-assembled to create a beautiful light.

Original features include the prismatic glass lens and cast manufacturer detailing.

Holophane company brochure advertising flameproof lighting


Technical Information
54 CM
38 CM
Diameter of Lens:
33 CM
Circa 1960
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Manufacturer info

Holophane was founded in London in 1896. The name is derived from the Greek ‘Holos’ meaning whole and ‘phanos’ meaning light. The hallmark of all Holophane lights are their borosilicate pressed glass refractors – these are prisms built into the glass giving it a ribbed appearance that produces a combination of uplight and downlight. It’s this spreading or refracting of light, illuminating spaces evenly, that accounts for their popularity. The Holophane ribbed glass refractor is a true vintage icon, and as Holophane is still in existence, continues to be used by the lighting industry today.