Signature FBO, Gatwick Airport

Intrepid Design are proud to announce our partnership with Signature, the world’s largest network of Fixed Base Operators.

Signature’s FBO at Gatwick Airport is the perfect setting for our unique furniture, offering clients an opportunity to enjoy each piece in a stunning environment. All items on display are available for sale. Contact Andrew Jackman for more details.

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Furniture on display at Gatwick Airport

Avon Jet Fan Mirror

A beautiful, highly polished mirror from the legendary Sea Harrier jump jet. Available as a pair.

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BAC Lightning Coffee Table

Simply stunning coffee table with 40 individually mirror polished titanium blades, positioned on top of a custom base.

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A superb highly polished engine cowling’s leading edge, from a 737 Jet Fitted within the centre of the cowling a mirror.

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Rolls Royce Spey Mirror


Crafted from a Rolls Royce Gas Turbine jet engine our skilled craftsmen have created a very detailed, highly polished mirror from a LP3, (Low Pressure Compressor Fan).

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multi-colour harrier mirror

Multi-Coloured Rolls Royce Harrier Mirror

Crafted from a Pegasus (Sea Harrier Jump Jet) HP Fan, our skilled craftsmen have created with Stator Blades a very detailed, multi coloured mirror.

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Pegasus LP2 Fan Blade on Hub

A simply stunning coffee table with polished titanium blades, positioned on top of a highly polished harrier hub, underneath glass, makes this practical and unique.

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