Nixie Clocks

altitude indicator nixie clock

Altitude Horizon Indicator Nixie Clock

The Aircraft Altitude indicator instrument is enclosed within a clear acrylic and a powder coated bespoke case, which has been powder coated RAF Grey.

Rolls Royce V12 Griffon Nixie Piston Clock

A unique, limited number of clocks made from the internal components of the Rolls Royce Griffon aircraft Engine, as used to power Supermarine Spitfire's and Shackleton aircraft.


Using a Cockpit Indictor instrument Intrepid Design have created a Unique Nixie clock. Desirable for collectors, this item is strictly limited to 20 pieces


Originally an Antique Bracket Clock, Intrepid Design have transformed this clock, replacing the old fashioned dial with a modern Nixie Tube Clock display.

Pratt& Whitney Nixie Piston Clock

A highly polished Piston from a Pratt & Whitney Radial Engine, fitted with a single Nixie tube.

Jacobs Nixie Piston Clock

Jacobs Radial Engine “Nixie" Clock

A highly polished Piston from a WWII Jacobs R-755, fitted with 4 Nixie tubes to clearly show the time.

Triple Aircraft instrument Nixie Clock

Designed using aircraft instruments, we have created a limited number of Aircraft Instrument Nixie Clocks.

Single large Lynx Cockpit Main Altitude Indicator Nixie Clock

Lynx Cockpit Altitude Indicator Nixie Clock

Using a single instrument from a Lynx Helicopter, we've created a unique clock.

Lightwave Machine

This piece was created form a highly polished Tri Star Aileron. On the leader edge is a Nixie clock, working via GPS.

Harrier Jump Jet “Nixie” 3 Cog Clock

Designed using parts from a Harrier Jump Jet engine, we have created a limited number of Nixie clocks.

Private Jet Nixie Clock

Taken from a CF 700 Jet engine, as used on a Dassault Falcon 20 Jet our skilled craftsmen have created a detailed, highly polished Nixie Clock.