Nixie Clocks


Originally an Antique Bracket Clock, Intrepid Design have transformed this clock, replacing the old fashioned dial with a modern Nixie Tube Clock display.

Private Jet Nixie Clock

Taken from a CF 700 Jet engine, as used on a Dassault Falcon 20 Jet our skilled craftsmen have created a detailed, highly polished Nixie Clock.

Pratt& Whitney Nixie Piston Clock

A highly polished Piston from a Pratt & Whitney Radial Engine, fitted with a single Nixie tube.

Jacobs Nixie Piston Clock

Jacobs Radial Engine “Nixie" Clock

A highly polished Piston from a WWII Jacobs R-755, fitted with 4 Nixie tubes to clearly show the time.

Lightwave Machine

Lightwave Machine

This piece was created form a highly polished Tri Star Aileron. On the leader edge is a Nixie clock, working via GPS.

Harrier Jump Jet “Nixie” 3 Cog Clock

Designed using parts from a Harrier Jump Jet engine, we have created a limited number of Nixie clocks.

Single large Lynx Cockpit Main Altitude Indicator Nixie Clock

Lynx Cockpit Altitude Indicator Nixie Clock

Using a single instrument from a Lynx Helicopter, we've created a unique clock.

Triple Aircraft instrument Nixie Clock

Designed using aircraft instruments, we have created a limited number of Aircraft Instrument Nixie Clocks.