Fuji Meibo Big Eye Navy Binoculars 25 X 150mm

Fuji Meibo 150mm binoculars

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These beautiful Fuji Meibo binoculars are as practical as they are elegant, with a huge magnification. With an original mount onto a tripod, allowing fine adjustment.

25 x 150 specification – (25 times magnification, and 150 mm focal objective). A distance of 25 km will appear as a distance of only 1 km through the binoculars.

Optical quality is excellent: perfectly clear representation, nice sharp vistas, crystal clear image and a nice wide horizon. The inside of the binoculars has been cleaned professionally, the outside smoothly polished.

A plaque to the top of the instrument reads: FUJI PHOTO OPTICAL CO.LTD, Meibo – 25 x 150 2.7°-, with serial no. 27515. Japanese, circa 1950.


Technical Information
Front Lenses:
Length/Width of Binoculars:
99/58 CM
Height as Shown (adjustable):
174 CM
Leg Span as Shown Between Legs:
140 CM
Country of Manufacture:
Fuji Meibo Japan
Ref No:


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