Deactivated Pg-15 Heat Rocket Launchers Shelf

Shelf made from Russian rocket

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Sold as individual, or 3 units we have created x 2 clear acrylic brackets to both hold the Russian 73mm Rocket and support a 10mm glass shelf. A real talking point to display objects from.

The Russian 73mm PG-15 is tube-launched, high-explosive anti-tank with tracer (HEAT-T), surface-to-surface, fin-stabilised rocket utilising a point-initiating base-detonating (PIBD) self destruct (SD) fuze. The PG-15 rocket motor is ignited by the flash from the PG-15P propelling launch cartridge.


Technical Information
Missile 88 cm / Glass 95 cm
Diameter Rocket:
8 cm
Depth of Shelf:
19 cm
Height of shelf in glass:
18 cm
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