Category: Aviation Furniture

Tornado Jet Mirror

Crafted from a TORNADO RB199 Turbine jet engine our skilled craftsmen have created a very detailed, highly polished mirror from a LP3, (Low Pressure Compressor Fan).

Lightwave Machine

This piece was created form a Tri Star Aileron , highly polished. Sitting atop the aileron are aircraft vanes, mounted to as gearing system which rotates at a speed of your choice with a LED coloured system which can remain the same colour or change colours and follows the vanes.

Pilot Aviator Deskpiece

Aviator Deskpiece. An Art-Deco period ornamental table-lighter c. 1930s, well-modelled standing pilot figure in full flying attire of the inter-war period holding aloft a twin-blade airscrew, of bronze patinated speltre with polished propeller and polished oak base. 26 cm high.

Coffee table made from B52 bomber

B52 Bomber Fan Blade Coffee Table

A simply stunning coffee table with 27 polished titanium blades, mounted to a polished aluminium custom geared style base, underneath glass. Practical and unique.

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