The Art of Assembly


Aided by the professional packing and transportation team at Alban Shipping, we recently installed a flagship 747 boardroom table at Bombardier’s Business Jet Centre at Biggin Hill.

The table weighs over a 1000 kgs, so it’s essential that the installation team has the tools and experience for the precision work required. First, the table base is assembled, the centre hub positioned and surrounded with a clear acrylic design. Each blade is then slotted into place. This part of the process requires patience and precision to ensure the final blade fits securely. Each blade is positioned at its highest point and clicked down slowly until it is seated at the lowest point within the hub. It’s a huge relief when each blade sits securely in the hub!

To finish, the team cleans and polishes the entire piece, ensuring this magnificent table looks its best for visitors to Bombardier’s stunning Jet Centre.

The Acrylic base and powder coated black centre support
The heavy centre hub is then positioned on top
The acrylic design is then installed and held together with neat pins
The blades are then positioned one by one and held with wooden blocks
Once all blades are in position, each blade is lowered with a simple flick of the wrist. We work our way around the table several times until all the blades are secured neatly in the main hub.
Next the spigots and glass are installed.
Finally, the six pieces of 15mm toughened glass are held in place with polished spigots from the blades and a centre ring.
The table, fully installed and ready for seating!

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