Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine Type 724

Merlin aircraft engine-724

Further Information

This model of Merlin was made for Dc4m aircraft which were either a Canadair Northstar or the Dc3m Argonaut transport.

The engine offered for sale came from a Danish Museum. Some of these aircraft had been used in a small Danish air company .There is one Canadair Northstar plane left in Canada at The Wings of Canada Air Museum . It is currently being restored, but not to flying order. The museum are restoring the engines so they may have ground running events in the future .We believe this engine would be one of five of the engines running in the world.

Whilst stripping the engine it we evident it had been inhibited with a sort of greasy tar substance that they used to protect the engine until it would be needed ,which suggests it was taken out of an aircraft for its usual inspection and was then placed in storage. As the jet engine became more popular this Merlin engine became redundant and remained in store until it became available for sale. Removing the protective grease revealed a very good condition engine from which we proceeded to restore over a period of 2 years to its former glory. Mounted to a new trailer, with new wiring, pipework, battery and radiator we have a functional display piece which will surely attached a great deal of attention wherever you chose to show.

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Technical Information
Engine Type:
Rolls-Royce Merlin 724
Serial No:
£60,000 + VAT
Left Rolls Royce factory at Hillington, near Glasgow, March 1949
Flying a Dc4m with four Merlins produces 1660 BHP at 17500 feet

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