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Montage of upcycled ejection seats for sale

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Upcycled Aviation Furniture : Dining Tables

We’ve designed a range of luxury contemporary dining tables to transform any modern living space.

Our designers have taken fan blades from a selection of the world’s best-loved aircraft and used them as the foundation for a range of remarkable dining tables.

Dining Table from Pegasus LP1 Fan Blade

Dining table made from Pegasus engine
Absolutely beautiful dining table with polished titanium blades, positioned on top of a bespoke perspex base, underneath glass.

Rolls Royce 747 Fan Blade Dining Table

Dining table made from 747 fan blades

Illuminated Pegasus Spinning Dining Table

A dining table made with a polished LP2 turbine, between 2 sets of highly polished titanium stator blades, underneath 10mm toughened glass
A very special table! Pegasus Front LP Casing, with original LP2 Jet turbine turning with motor on original harrier hub, with lights.

Media Gallery