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Montage of upcycled ejection seats for sale

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Upcycled Aviation Furniture : Coffee Tables

A range of original tables to enhance and transform any living space.

Taking aviation parts from some of the world’s finest aircraft, our engineers and designers have lovingly and thoughtfully produced a range of elegant tables for both domestic and business environments.

Table made from Pegasus LP2 Fan Blade on Hub

Coffee table made from aircraft engine fan blades
A stunning coffee table with polished titanium blades, positioned on top of a highly polished harrier hub, underneath glass

Pegasus Front LP Casing Coffee Table

Coffee table made from recycled Pegasus Sea Harrier fan blades
Stunning coffee table with 2 sets of polished titanium stator blades, underneath 15mm toughened glass. The fan blades are from a Rolls Royce Pegasus Sea Harrier engine.

Tri Star Fan Blade Coffee Table

Coffee table made from TriStar fan blade
TriStar LP Fan, mounted to its original drive shaft. With 31 highly polished titanium blades, underneath 12mm toughened glass, this table looks superb. The fan used in making this table is from a TriStar Jet engine circa 1970

Tornado RB199 Combat Jet Coffee table

Coffee table made from Tornado jet engine parts
Intrepid Design offers a 3 stage LP Compressor to create your combat jet coffee table.

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