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Upcycled Aviation Furniture : Clocks

Beautiful clocks for office and home.

Everybody knows time flies, but the ingenious designers at Intrepid Design have really taken the idea to heart and produced a range of beautiful clocks to enhance your home or office.

White Sea Harrier Jump Jet Clock

White clock made from Jump Jet fans
79 highly polished fans from a Sea Harrier jump jet surround this premium clock underneath a white powder coated 3mm clock face.

Red Clock made from Sea Harrier Jump Jet Fans

Red clock made from jet engine fans
From a Sea Harrier, 47 highly polished titanium fans surround this premium clock, underneath a red powder coated 3mm clock face.

Rolls Royce Harrier Mirror Multi-Coloured Clock

Multi-coloured clock made from Sea Harrier Jump Jet engine
Comprising 68 titanium stators blades, 6 different colours, several kept original and one highly polished, this contemporary clock is the result of many hours of skilled work.

Two-tone Clock made from Rolls Royce Sea Harrier Fan

Black and white clock made from Sea Harrier jet engine fan blade
Crafted from a Pegasus (Sea Harrier Jump Jet) HP Fan, our skilled craftsmen have created with Stator Blades a detailed clock. The mirror comprises of 68 titanium stator blades, 56 white gloss and 12 Stators blades highly polished at the 3,6,9, & 12 o clock position.

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