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Upcycled Aviation Furniture : Centre Tables

We’ve designed a range of luxury contemporary centre tables to transform any modern living space.

Our designers have taken aviation parts blades from a selection of the world’s best-loved aircraft and upcycled them to develop a range of remarkable centre tables for your home or office.

Centre table made from Rolls Royce rotor blade

Beautiful modern centre table made using rotor blade from Rolls Royce aircraft engine.

Rolls Royce 747 Fan Blade Centre Table

Table made from Rolls Royce engine fan blade
Beautiful modern table with polished fan blades, assembled on its original hub and positioned on top of a bespoke perspex base.

Rolls Royce Polished Fan Blade Table

Table made from polished Rolls Royce fan blades
179 individually highly polished blades, on original hub and polished base form part of this stunning centre table.

Media Gallery