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Upcycled Aviation Furniture : Binoculars

Magnificent Magnification for the High Flyer.

We’ve lovingly restored some very fine examples of Imperial Japanese and Soviet naval binoculars. Each piece is as practical as it is beautiful.

Nikon Japanese Big Eye Binoculars

Vintage Nikon Big Eye Japanese binoculars
A pair of beautiful Japanese Big Eye binoculars, with a far-reaching magnification/zoom of 35x.

Japanese Fuji Meibo Navy Binoculars

Fuji Meibo Japanese Navy binoculars
A wonderful pair of Fuji Meibo Japanese Navy binoculars

TZK Military Observation Binoculars

TZK military / marine observation binoculars
Mid 20th Century Soviet Cold War Era ‘TZK’ military / marine observation binoculars.

Media Gallery